19 November 2008

Thanks, Milblogging.com!

Thanks, JP, for posting the information about this blog and the project it represents. As I said in that blurb, the more people involved in this discussion, the better. Thanks to those who have already participated in the interaction. I am really enjoying getting your feedback as I develop my ideas about this subject.

Also, if you are a milblogger and have not yet registered your blog with milblogging.com, I encourage you to do so. It's a great site and already has over 2000 milblogs registered - is yours one of them?

Another also, nominations for the best military blog (and other blog categories, for that matter) of the year are being taken over at weblog awards. Consider nominating the blog you appreciate most. Nominations close this Friday - so don't wait any longer!

The last also, if you haven't done so, I also recommend that you register your blog with Technorati. If you're unfamiliar with this site, they track comments about and links to your blog for you and show you how your blog stacks up among the millions of blogs registered.

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