24 November 2008

Reasons why you blog

Some of you blog to get things off your chest, others because you want to try your hand at writing, some to report what's going on in their part of the world, others may be dreaming of a book contract someday down the road (i.e. CBFTW, Kaboom, Big Tobacco), still others may want to offer their opinions on current events.

This week's survey (look to the right) asks you why you personally blog - note that you can select multiple answers in case more than one applies to you. Results will be discussed next week. Thanks for your participation!

Please send this blog address around - the more participation in the polls (and, more importantly, the continuing dialogue) the better. Thanks for spreading the word about this project.


  1. I like this concept of trying to build a community around your blog by using surveys. It will help create a lot of content for your blog.

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  2. I've decided to blog for a number of reasons. I find that when I write it forces me to recreate and reconsider the events of the day. This is especially helpful when I am angry and irritated about what has occurred. I also don't want to type an email and hope it gets sent to family. They and I know we can't keep in contact like they want. The blog helps me let them know what is happening. I'm not expecting or want t a book deal. As a public affairs soldier, I also think it's important to get the army story out there in a more credible way than filling airtime on the Pentagon Channel or the Anaconda Newsreel.