06 November 2008

Encourage Soldiers to blog?

Blogging is a subject that's kicked around in military discussion with some emotion. Some fear the danger of Soldier's blogging - it could result in security violations that would put Soldiers at risk. Others suggest that it's a potentially effective outreach - citizens can get a personal viewpoint of what being a Soldier at war is really like. Still others tout blogs as just another way to stay in touch with family and friends.

The motivation for this blog is to discuss how we could tap into the power of blogs to help get the Army's story out - how blogs may be used to help round out traditional media. I'm an Army Major and currently a student at the Air Command and Staff College. As a graduation requirement, we each must complete a research project and I've chosen to examine the potential benefits (and inherent challenges) of not just allowing Soldiers to blog, but actually encouraging blogging among our troops.

So here's what I see this blog doing:
  • get me bloggin'. I'm new to blogging and want to experience it firsthand as I complete this research project.
  • get your ideas. You (Soldiers and citizens alike) surely have opinions and ideas about encouraging Soldier blogging - I want to hear them!
  • share good/bad examples. Over the years I've seen some examples of how milblogs can help the "Army story" and others that ... not so much. I'm interested in your opinions about some blogs you create, read, or are familiar with. Share the links.
So here goes ... I'm in the blogosphere! Looking forward to this journey!

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