11 November 2008

Pray for our Soldiers ...

In my Veterans Day post yesterday, I asked you to find a veteran today and shake his or her hand. Of course, there are many veterans who are not available for a hand shake because they are deployed around the world fighting terrorism and protecting our way of life. One of these dedicated Soldiers happens to be my brother, Joe, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He and his Spectres provide attack helicopter support to infantry Soldiers, together taking the fight to our enemies. Like so many other service members today, he is on his third deployment in this war. Many are making tremendous sacrifices while many of us go about our daily lives somewhat unaware of exactly what is going on around the world.

So, in addition to finding a veteran to shake hands with today, please also remember the several hundred thousand veterans who you will not pass on the street today - the closest you'll come to them is through a news story, an e-mail, or their own blog. Take some time to pray for these fine Americans, pray for their families, pray for our nation. Thanks!

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