03 August 2009

Wings Over Iraq: Blogging and Senior Military Leaders

Starbuck, over at Wings over Iraq, posted some interesting excerpts about the role of blogging in the military. Particularly, the role that senior leaders see for it. I won't rehash it here (he's got several links if you want to read even more on it.)

Suffice it to say that this "new media" buzz is much more than just buzz anymore in the military. It is true discussion about the pros and cons of it and the opinions still widely vary (primarily for the reasons discussed elsewhere in this blog.) I expect that the discussion will continue for some time and we won't find true consensus any time soon. In the meantime, I still think this is one great outlet for the stories to be told and for folks to be able to read about what life is like from a Soldiers perspective.


  1. Dear MAJ Jakob Bruhl:

    My name is Patrick Thomas, and I am a doctoral student in the Department of English at Kent State University. As part of my dissertation research, I am conducting a survey of military bloggers about their blogging practices—how and why they blog, and their perceptions of their blogs’ audiences.

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  2. Hi Major Bruhl,
    howz yer'hammer hangin?
    My query today is not too far off point.
    I would like to bring you up to date on that little Internet Fraud problem at the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans that brought us together a while back.
    It has become, to quote Chef Emril: "Kicked Up A Notch", to wit: "US Senator Mary Landrieu demands probe of Corps workers’ attacks on critics"
    My question to you and your PA folks is this:
    How far do you think We The People will get with the DOD Inspector General?
    It turns out that these vicious attacks weren't just a couple of isolated operatives who may have read your blog here, but a coordinated, well timed with articles, operation of over 700 comments (in just one 6 week time, though now estimated in the 1000s over a 3 year period).
    That averages out to about 25/8-hr day, all coming from the Corps HQ on Leake Street in New Orleans.
    Again I have to ask: Do you know any of these guys? Have you worked with any of them in Iraq? Who are these people, Maj Bruhl?
    Here is a link to today's Times-Picayune (site of the crimes) to bring you further up to speed.
    Americans are getting increasingly worried that You Folks are trying to invade our internets and push propaganda. That sounds simplistic, but it appears in the latest news that y'all push Commander Communications on social media Over that of the enlisted ranks.
    Looks that way to me. The soldiers are much more restricted in their speech than their commanders. That is just fine on the battle field, but when y'all try to enter our public commons with "Information", the rules change a bit in a Democracy. You will be judged in the same Court of Public Opinion as any other cheesy Public Relations Firm.

    So, I just wanted to ask you about this ongoing scandal of Computer Fraud in the US Army, this time at the Corps of Engineers.
    Y'all had better address this for your own good, the efficacy of your hard work may depend on it.
    As long as my comment is, I spare you much of the gorier details as I have been following this issue.

    Thank you in advance,
    for your consideration
    I remain,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  3. My apologies. I got so caugt-up I forgot...
    Here is the link to that Times-Picayune article today: http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009/08/complaints_about_corps_of_engi.html#preview

    Thank you again,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  4. Come on Major.
    Please don't try to punk your readers again by not responding.
    I have soldiers and combat journalists waiting on you to get your lazy butt in gear and do your job, what we pay you for, before they (not me) hand your name over to Gordon Heddell the DOD Inspector General who has been asked to investigate this by our US Senator Mary Landrieu.

    People are watching you Major so can you had better get your head out of your vacation and get on the stick.

    Where you folks get this notion that you can ignore the American People --where you operate on American soil-- and still keep your pay rank is beyond me.

  5. Once again, “Soldiers in the Blogosphere” began as part of an individual research project into how the Army can make use of new media. That project is now complete (you can read about that elsewhere on the blog). As such, maintaining this blog has never been "my job", and it’s certainly not now. Since this isn‘t my job, this blog is obviously not what I “get paid for.”

    I used the original story that I’d read about this situation (thanks for the update, Editilla) as a way to discuss some ideas. At that time (and still) I did not pass judgment, I did not condone actions, I simply used the story as an example in an ongoing discussion.

    It seems to me that you are now getting the attention you believe the situation deserves. Since an investigation will be conducted, you should get some answers to the questions you’ve been asking. And answers from an organization designed to investigate allegations, rather than answers from some random Major that you found here.

    Not sure what role you'd like to think I play here, but I'll go ahead and address your questions, Editilla, what with the soldiers and combat journalists anxiously awaiting my profound responses:

    "Do you know any of these guys?” I doubt it. As I mentioned before, while I am a Corps of Engineers officer, I’ve only served in combat units, not Corps offices.
    “Have your worked with them in Iraq?” I doubt it (see previous answer)
    “Who are these people, Maj Bruhl?" I have no idea (see previous answers)
    "How far do you think We The People will get with the DOD inspector general?" I'm not sure, but you can give them the opportunity to investigate the charges - since that's their job. Will you get the answer you're looking for? Wait and see. Can you prejudge and assume that they're part of some grand conspiracy? Go right ahead.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but it’s clear that you do not understand our organization. Your questions will be best directed to folks in the New Orleans Corps of Engineers office and/or the inspector general. You may not get the answers you’d like to get, but you’ll get better answers from them than you will from me … for all the reasons cited above and before.