26 August 2009

Uncle Sam Wants You ... to weigh in on new media policy

the Department of Defense has recently launched a blog (discussed in several articles) to seek input from the public as the department seeks to develop new policies concerning all things new media. According to the new DOD blog, it's purpose is to seek out "insight from various Defense interest groups and think tanks, including Veterans groups, industry groups and individuals who have insights they can share regarding how Web 2.0 capabilities can be used to transform how the Defense Department operates." Posts on the blog have dramatically slowed (looks like the last one was 13 Aug) - not sure what that's all about - but the posts that are there have a decent number of comments. Clearly this issue is one that is of interest to many. Weigh in on the discussion over on their blog where their clever slogan is: "Collaborating about collaboration, Soliciting public input though Open Government".

Also, Patrick Thomas, a doctoral student at Kent State University, left a comment on a recent post here on this blog requesting participants for a survey he is conducting as part of his research into military blogging. Specifically he's looking into "blogging practices—how and why they blog, and their perceptions of their blogs’ audiences" and is "interested in what military blogs add to a growing body of research on the importance of social media (like blogs) in people’s everyday lives." I recently completed his survey - it took less than 5 minutes. If you are a military blogger, I encourage you to take the few minutes to help him out in his research. He's got a consent statement left as part of his comments that he asks you read before taking the survey.


  1. MAJ Bruhl:

    Thanks very much for (a) completing the survey and (b) posting the link on your blog.

    If anyone else has any questions about the nature of my research, they can email me directly at pthomas4@kent.edu.

    Thanks again!

  2. No problem, Patrick. Good luck with your research. Let me know if you have any findings or ideas that you'd like highlighted here.

  3. Maj Bruhl

    My name is Luke Larson, I’ve written a historical fiction novel based off my two tours to Ar Ramadi, Iraq as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer during the time of, “The Awakening.” My publication date is February 25th. I’m writing because I would be greatly honored if you would review the book on your blog.

    To be specific I could either send you a selected section of chapters in a PDF, or if you send me a physical address I could send you an advance copy of the book.

    I would greatly appreciate an honest, “No bullshit” review on the strengths and shortcomings of the book and its relevance to our current COIN conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks you for your time and opinion.

    Semper Fidelis,



  4. I read the book that Luke wrote and it is fantastic! I'll write more about it as it's own post in the near future. In the meantime, go checkout the book, Senator's Son, for yourself.