07 February 2009

Results are in: Most think GOs blogging is a good thing

The most recent poll asked if having general officers actively engaging with their subordinates in the blogosphere is a good thing. The response (from the 13 respondants) is overwhelmingly positive! The majority seem to think that internal communication should remain in a place open only to those in organization, but for all other communication the public nature of blogs is a good thing. Only one respondant thought this is a bad idea. Recent experience is showing that more GOs certainly agree ... I imagine we'll continue to see more and more blogs like Mountain Sound Off or iCommandant appearing in the blogosphere.

General Officers blogging is a good idea
  • 5 (38%) Absolutely! Shows they understand and value their Soldiers ideas
  • 7 (53%) You bet. But, for internal comms, the blogs shouldn't be publicly accessible
  • 0 (0%) No. They should rely on the chain of command for ideas from their Soldiers
  • 1 (7%) No way! Too time consuming, usurps the chain of command, OPSEC risk, etc

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