26 February 2009

How to Make Soldier Blogging More Effective

It is clear to me that encouraging Soldiers to engage new media, specifically to maintain personal blogs and interact with other blogs, is a valid idea that will have positive gains for the Army’s strategic communication effort. In order to effectively implement this idea, there are three primary tasks that must be accomplished.
  1. The Army must actively encourage Soldiers to use new media.
  2. The Army must revise regulations to clearly identify what is expected of Soldiers using new media, does not overburden commands with additional administrative tasks, and demonstrates trust in Soldiers to do so responsibly.
  3. The Army must prepare Soldiers to do so effectively by providing adequate and interesting education.

Over the next several days, I will provide details on each of these three recommendations. Stay tuned! And be sure to leave any comments you have about these ideas … I’ve appreciated your interaction over the past several months.

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