22 December 2008

We use official blogs for a variety of reasons

Thanks to the eight who responded to the most recent poll, it appears that we are quite mixed on why we access official websites and blogs: the results were evenly split between the four provided choices. Folks head to these official sites to gather or verify information to use just to improve their understanding or to comment or editorialize about on their own blogs.

Like the findings from other polls, this is not too surprising, and I anticipate that the creators/managers of official military sites target these (and likely other) reasons. This finding (again, I admit/understand it's not scientific at all!) corroborates the idea that the military should seek multiple ways to engage the public. Websites are one way; news releases another; and, I contend, new media should be used in increasing ways.

What are the main reasons you access official military websites or blogs?
  • 25% (2) To get more details about something I heard about
  • 25% (2) To see what spin the officials are putting on a story
  • 25% (2) To gather informaton and links for my own blog entries
  • 25% (2) To search for stories I haven't seen anywhere else

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