30 November 2008

Results are in: Most milbloggers blog to report or editorialize on events

Probably not an earthshattering result from this week's (nonscientific) Soldiers in the Blogosphere poll. Thanks to the 7 of you who took the poll this week (numbers are down - I'm going to attribute that to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend).

Why do you blog? [respondants could select multiple choices]
  • 14% (1) - To get things off my chest (vent)
  • 57% (4) - To share my ideas on what's going on (editorialize)
  • 71% (5) - To share with people what's going on (reporter)
  • 28% (2) - To record for posterity the happenings of my life (journal)
  • 14% (1) - To practice my hand at writing (aspiring author)
So there are the results - looks like the average respondant chose 2 reasons. I must say that I was a bit surprised about the low percent who use blogs to "vent". Thought for sure it would be a more popular reason, but that's an encouraging result. Venting our emotions on a blog may not produce the most accurate or well-thought posting.

The two top reasons selected (reporter and editorializer) are good to see. In last week's poll, most people said they read milblogs to get Soldiers opinions about events and to get the "real story" not available through the main-stream media.

As we continue this discussion, and I progress on the project, these results will be good to keep in mind. Knowing intent is critical when deciding how/if we can get more benefit from the work Soldiers are already doing in the blogosphere.

Take a look to the top right of this blog for this week's blog - what triggered your entry into the blogosphere? Curious to know what led you to start your own blog (assuming you have one). Will post the results in a week.

NOTE: if you're interested, I've started keeping the old poll results graphs at the far bottom of the right column. For posterity's sake . . . .

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