20 April 2009

Obviously slowing down on the blog ...

To my faithful readers, you've likely noticed that I haven't been posting much lately. That's due to a couple of reasons:
* been really busy with other stuff
* the academic project is completed and my brain is not as focused on this topic as it once was
* I feel like there had been some great discussion about ideas here but I'm short on new ideas to kick around

My intention is not to stop blogging here ... but you can expect that the posts will be much less regular. I will likely reserve posts for new ideas that I hear about (or the few that pop into my own head).

The comments that have been left along the way over the past six months or so have been extremely helpful personally as I try to decide just how I really feel about Soldiers blogging. Many of you have brought up points and counter-points that I would not have otherwise considered. Others pointed me toward some other great thinking and writing on the subject. Thanks to all of you. The project that began as something of an experiment turned into something extremely beneficial - personally, academically, and professionally.

I hope that when I do post in the future, the discussion will be just as useful as it has been in the past. Who knows, maybe someone out there in a position to change the Army's policies toward new media has been positively affected by the conversation you took part in. I hope so.


  1. Jake,
    Congratulations on completing your project. You discussions on blogging in the Army have been interesting, and caused me to pay a bit more attention to the use of it as I log-on to different military sites. I have noticed several unit pages adding blogging policies to their sites. It looks like this is the baby steps. I would not be surprised if the Army instituted a mandatory training requirement in the near future to at least address the rules, regulations, OPSEC concerns, and or etiquette. Call this blogging basic. Just maybe a bit more advanced training will be added to basic entry schools and professional development schools to address establishing and maintaining unit blogs or how to incorporate blogging activity in the information operations arena.
    MAJ Christopher Crary
    ILE 09-01

  2. Thanks, Chris. I have a feeling that we will only see more and more blogs popping up - officially sanctioned ones and others.

    I just hope that as the Army continues to figure out how to both deal with blogs and capitalize on blogs that we don't create more painful training. We absolutely need training - don't get me wrong here! - but that training has got to be something that shows Soldiers they are trusted and empowered to be effective voices for the Army.

    I'd be interested to hear other thoughts you have about how to do something like this.