07 February 2009

New Poll: Should Soldiers be encouraged to blog under their own name?

What do you think? Share your opinion by answering the current poll ...

This simple yes/no poll only asks if Soldiers should blog under their own name for the sake of transparency (like what the CENTCOM bloggers do, or what is required to post on the CAC blogs).

If you want to throw your ideas in the ring for why or why not, leave your thoughts as comments to this post. As always, thanks for your participation in this project - I appreciate the dialogue that's gone on here over the past few months!


  1. I voted yes on your poll, but only because you did not have a third option.

    As you mentioned, there are official blogs, and when writing there they should use their real name.

    However, there are numerous other cases where they should be able to comment anonymously or under a pseudonym, the same as any other reader.

    Should MAJ John Smith have to use his full name when commenting on a story at the New York Times or Washington Post? or on other issue based blogs? I don't think so.

  2. Two scenarios here:
    1) if MAJ John Smith is commenting on something regarding the military, then I think he should use his name and rank ... credibility?
    2) if he's rather commenting on other news, than there's no need to use his full name and rank. In fact, if he's commenting on anything political, he'd be wise not to flaunt military credentials.

    What about for their own blogs ... military related?